Le champ des échos

  • Producer
  • Producteur artisanal
  • Canned goods
  • Foie gras
  • Fruit / vegetables
  • Bee produce
Rieucaud 47440 Casseneuil
Located on the 1rst hills on the North of the Lot, 'Rieucaud' is a 16 hectares farm including 4 of woods.It is a small, human sized structure, allowing the owners to preserve the quality of their produce.
Outdoors geese breeding with farm made cereals.
Winter is for David & Madeleine the season of Foies Gras, confits and all good things.
Know-how and tradition reunited to make your tastebuds cheer.
The produce they make are also the ones they love.
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  • 20 Person(s)
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All year 2024
Le champ des échos
Rieucaud 47440 Casseneuil
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  • English
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